Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Coffee Talk Companion: "Whelchels West."

Originally posted June 1, 2006

The Coffee Talk Companion is an ongoing feature in which we dissect and discuss former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel's online journal entries.

This week's Coffee Talk journal entry from Lisa Whelchel makes no mention of her 43rd birthday at all. Rather, as she lets us know early on...

This week’s journal entry will read more like a travelogue than anything. We certainly filled each and every day of our trip to Los Angeles with memories! My brother’s wedding wasn’t until the weekend but we decided to fly in early to visit our old friends and favorite haunts. There is so much to tell that I will have to save the wedding festivities for next week.

And we feel duty-bound to let you know that "so much to tell" basically means "we went to chain restuarants," as evidenced here...

As soon as we landed we rented a van and headed straight for “In-N-Out Burgers!” This is a fast food restaurant that is mostly just in the Western United States. It is a Christian-owned company and they even have Bible references printed on the bottom of their cups. They also happen to have the most delicious burgers in the world. (Although, Whataburgers and Butter Burgers are close in the running.) (Ed. note: we appreciate knowing the runners-up, and we're sure they do, too, no matter how their names are spelled.)

We met at Jamba Juice (another one of our favorites that is hard to find where we live now.) (Ed. note: again, we appreciate the qualification.)

First stop was “Chevy’s” fresh-mex restaurant. (Yet, another favorite.)
(Ed. note: Again, thanks. And please note that we pretty much lost it at "fresh-mex," which, by the way, Lisa, is a registered trademark. Be careful.)

...and here...

After yet another stop at a favorite West Coast fast food restaurant, “El Pollo Loco” for some chicken bowls...

El Pollo Loco, indeed. Well, you have to keep Tucker happy somehow, no? Because some attempts end, well, weirdly...

Tucker talked me into taking him to the Hollywood Guitar Center. What a weird experience.

Wouldn't you LOVES to know what happened at the Guitar Center? Too bad. She ends it there. Maybe if enough of us email her, she'll cave. Wait, what are we talking about? Anyway, the trip to LA was filled with more of our favorite type of Whelchel narration, the kind where it sounds like she's visiting Earth for the first time and reporting back to the mother ship:

I love our old neighborhood. I enjoy how the weather cools down in the evenings and you can actually spend time outdoors. I really like the availability and accessibility to all the latest and greatest retail and restaurants.

Then onto the Hollywood Palladium to see “Stomp!” Oh my goodness, what an awesome show. This cast was able to make music out of anything and everything imaginable. What talent and creativity!

My favorite store was a shop where they sell all of the clothes from the studios that have been worn on television and movies. For five bucks, Tucker got the coolest burgundy velvet jacket (that looked like it must have been worn by Prince in some video.) Haven bought a really fun-but-ugly shirt from “That 70’s Show.”

"Latest and greatest," "fun-but-ugly"... Lisa, you're killing us. Keeeeeeeeeling us.

Next, some good news and bad news. The good news is that the reason for this return to LA is, as mentioned above, for Lisa's brother's wedding. Yes, that brother. Casey. Adorable, lovely Casey. Well, the good news is that any mention of Casey is good news because it usually means a photo. Alas, good news...

Clearly, they call the bad news Maria...

I just can’t put into words how much we love Maria. She is perfect! I pray that God gives my son someone as godly, emotionally healthy, sweet, and supportive as Maria.

First of all, no one is perfect, especially someone wearing that much white. Second of all, Lisa, if you're going to praise Maria on high, don't turn it around and make it about Tucker. We were talking about Casey, and we'd like to stick with that topic so as to benefit from more photos. So not only does Maria get Casey, she also gets Lisa to stop talking about Casey, whom she's in LA to see. Obvs, we hate Maria. We pray that God...never mind.

Oh, of course we always adore all the Starbucks mentions. You'd think they have Bible messages printed on the sides of their cups as it's the only chain restaurant that gets two mentions!

After shopping around for awhile, I ensconced myself in a Starbucks and wrote last week’s journal entry... friend, Janice, and I talked over the new Starbucks banana/coconut frappuccino.

OK. Does a banana/coconut frappucino really exist? As we've never ensconced ourselves in a Starbucks, we don't know. We do know that we'd like to ensconce Miss Whelchel in a comma-usage class for a few hours. It's really getting out of hand.

Alas, next week we've been promised lots of wedding activity details. Eh. More bad news, if you know what we mean. But, yes, we're assuming more good news, too. Good news in a tux. Hot. Because, as Lisa says...

Possibly, the highlight of the whole trip was Thursday night. We all went over to Casey and Maria’s new apartment and prayed through every room.

Sorry. That just popped in here of its own accord. "Praying through rooms" is apparently very, very powerful.

No, what we meant Lisa to say was...

Old friends are truly the best.

So true, Leese. We hope you count us as one of your new old friends. Until next time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so freaking sad that they had to move to Texas to avoid debt and actually miss stuff like Jamba Juice. It's too hot and there are fire ants in Texas so for a fattish house cat like Lisa to take a break and just walk around the block must be less pleasant to do in Texas than her "old neighborhood." She's turning strange looking in her photos. Something about her eyes. I thought she might have some Filipino in her like Lou Diamond Phillips but that Sears portrait has me thinking she may just be quadroon.

January 23, 2007  

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