Monday, July 17, 2006

We're glad you're here.

"Friendships are strengthened by regular communication. So, come on in, friend." –Lisa Whelchel

If you have found this site, you have most likely come from our other site, Nervous Breakdown, or you've made a terrible mistake. Either way, we're glad you're here. A few introductory words, then, in list form, from The NB, your Blair Necessities editor:

1.) Because The Coffee Talk Companion, our ongoing feature at Nervous Breakdown, was so popular massive, we have decided to create a specific platform for it in order to get us more attention make it easier for you to enjoy past and present Whelchel-centric posts.

2.) Lisa Whelchel's Web site is a virtual gold mine waiting to be explored and exploited. Apart from her weekly Coffee Talk updates, she gives advice, answers questions, posts transcripts of chats from 2002, etc. We plan to cover such additional musings here, as well. To turn Nervous Breakdown into an even more Whelchel-centric forum would not be fair to the NB's many reader.

3.) However, we do not purport to be Lisa Whelchel experts by any means. We did watch and enjoy The Facts of Life, but Blair was not our favorite (Jo was, believe it or not). We know as much about Lisa Whelchel as one can glean from her site. Our goal is not to be a Lisa Whelchel fan site. It is to bring you the mature Lisa Whelchel's thoughts, ideas, loves, hates in relatively easy-to-digest nuggets. Or, as she would say, McNuggets.

Alas, we hope you enjoy this, The Blair Necessities. We will not be posting every day, but we will do our best to keep up to date at least with the Coffee Talk Companion. And, yes, we realize all this is unsolicited, so if you do not approve, please turn your attention elsewhere. Otherwise, prepare to become a stronger, healthier, more enlightened human. Lisa would want it that way.

The NB
Editor, the BN

Oh, and bookmark this site because typing "" more than once is likely to drive you to drink. And we can assume how Lisa feels about driving and drinking.

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Anonymous Kristin Frank said... and my soon to be hubby Jimmy love ya babe. U ROCK! Keep up the good word...and remember u take the good and u take the bad u sexy bitch.

Kristin Hankard
Bristol, CT

July 18, 2006  

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