Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two things, one unnecessary.

From your BN editorial team:

1.) Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your comments. We lurve comments because comments mean you're reading the site. We also adore your pointing out what we miss. You see, each of Lisa's entries is so chock full of nuttiness that it would be impossible for us, in the limited amount of time we have to post each week, to process it all. Alas, we have established a rule for ourselves—we write the first thought that comes to us whilst reading each Coffee Talk entry. After we then post, we come back occasionally to proofread during which we certainly have new thoughts, wish we had never committed to old ones, etc. However, if we entertained those urges, we'd be rewriting this site forever, and, clearly, life's way too short.

SO, the point is, good job highlighting certain bits of Whelchel bananas we may have overlooked. Please continue. Just make sure you lavish praise on us first. Obviously.

2.) For reading the above bit of hoo-ha, here's a gift:


Blogger Kara said...

that clip was one of the best parts of my day. it's been a pretty sucky day.

October 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It kinda reminds me of that FOL episode where the girls formed a band named "Cardiac Arrest" but Sean Astin changed it to "Sexy Lingerie." Or something.

El Debarge was on it, too. (No, not the one where Tutti went on an audition in Manhattan and was beaten out by a singer named Cinnamon -- played by Stacey Q.)

October 05, 2006  

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