Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Game on.


We are now convinced that Lisa Whelchel is, in fact, reading this site (her loss). As soon as we posted our Thanksgiving message today, she went and posted a new Coffee Talk entry. AND, get a load of the first paragraph's last sentence:

I’m in Los Angeles this week, writing a book by day and speaking by night. I promised I’d fill you in on last week’s DVD for the new Bible Study, “This Is My Story – Creating a Scrapbook Legacy of Faith.” I don’t know if this will be considered good news or bad news, but because I’m still under a writing deadline for the other book I’m writing, I’m not going to be able to elaborate in great detail on the week. I will simply cover it in broad brushstrokes. Some of you are sighing in relief; I can hear you.

"Some of you are sighing in relief; I can hear you."

First of all, we know she knew she'd get a rise out of us for the use of the semicolon. She's correct. A period would have sufficed, Lisa. Semicolons are for people who actually went to college.

Second of all, that line is something we, and not Lisa, would say. We know you too well, Lisa, to believe for a second that you'd apologize for content. Length? Sure. Commitment? Fine. But nuh-uh. Not content. You're too proud, Lisa, to ever feel badly about the words, however bananas they may be, that you've written.

Third of all, Lisa figured that, because we wished y'all a happy holiday, we were done for the week and would not comment on her latest post. Well, she's, um, right in the sense that we've got to catch a plane home momentarily, so composing a Coffee Talk Companion right now is out of the question. However, we shall absolutely do our best to post sometime later this week.

To sum up, then, allow us to officially welcome you, Mrs. Whelchel-Cauble, as a reader of The Blair Necessities. We're glad you're here. Really we are.

Oh! And allow us also to say, Don't fuck with us, lady. We're smarter than you.


Anonymous Eleanor Rigby said...

Oh I should have known you were onto it. Forgive my presumption.

Funnily enough, when I read her post this morning, I reached the same conclusion as you ... she's AMONG US.

November 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope she does read it, she may learn proper English.
It still shocks me that someone who has the punctuation and grammar skills of a dimwitted second grader home schools her children.
I love this blog!!

November 22, 2006  
Anonymous TominChicago said...

i LOVE you!

Happy thanksgiving to you, too. I'm ever so thankful that you post this little blog. It never fails to brighten my day just a little bit. (or more often a whole lot!)

Have safe travels for the holiday.

November 22, 2006  
Blogger Diner Girl said...

"Semicolons are for people who went to college."

Marry me. Now.


November 28, 2006  

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