Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Lady of Perpetual Silence.

Thank you for voting in the poll below! Right now we have a whopping 150ish votes, which means this site is nearly as popular as cervical cancer! We totally appreciate it.

Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) La Whelchel has not updated her site yet this week. She continues to be a very disappointing "Coffee Talk"-er. We are going out of town until Sunday, so should Lisa decide to grace us with an update this week, we probably won't be able to bring you a corresponding CTC. Unless, of course, it's about the divorce, which is our poll's most popular reason for Lisa's transgressions. Then, we'll, you know, figure something out.

So, we apologize for Lisa's transgressions causing our transgression. As you can see from that sentence, it's not our fault.

Have a good week. We hope to have some coffee and some talk soon.