Thursday, March 01, 2007

He is the knee-bend of my salvation.

Here's a midweek treat for you! Well, it's a treat if you consider a treat being the opposite of a treat. It's a workout video our Lisa participated in in 1988 with her friend, BN favorite Stormie Omartian. What's she-who-gained-10-pounds-last-year doing in a workout video? you may ask. Well, we could tell you it's because at one time Lisa cared about her appearance, but that would downplay what we feel is the actual reason: the music. Oh, yes—these ladies (including Debby Boone and, glory be, Charlene Tilton) are sweatin' to the Christys. For real.

Alas, let this be exhibit 1,523,654 that Jesus can make Lisa do anything. Even work out.

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