Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Coffee Talk clarification.

If you're a glutton for torture, you've probably realized that Lisa has posted a "new" Coffee Talk entry today. "New" is in quotation marks because, of course, the post is not new. It's old. It's from something called a MOPS Convention from September of 2005. It took place at the Gaylord Texan hotel. We think that's plenty right there.

The thing is 1.) we're not feeling so well, and 2.) even if we were, we, and not Lisa, decide when we want to visit the vast Whelchelian archive. So, until we get a new post, there will be no Coffee Talk Companion. For the three of you who are disappointed, cheer up—we're sure Lisa will be blogging her little backside off again in no time. She's never been one to hold her tongue.

For now, why not visit our archive? Pretty much every Coffee Talk entry since last summer has been chronicled here, so, if you're new, run as far as you can away. Seriously. None of this is good for anyone's health. Speaking of which, time for some tea! Yum!

Keep the faith, you.