Monday, May 14, 2007

The Coffee Talk Companion: "Checking in/out."

So, apparently Lisa's telling us she's taking a sabbatical from writing for a while wasn't quite clear. Alas, we get this week's Coffee Talk entry:

“Dear friends, I am taking a sabbatical from writing for awhile.

Ahhhhhhhh. We appreciate that clarification. You know, we were totally wondering why she hasn't written since April.

Please read through some of my archived “Coffee Talks” and don’t miss out on the journal entries from the “Family Dream” trip around America.

Oh, is that what we're supposed to do? We weren't sure.

Thanks for understanding and for your prayers during this time of being still and seeking to know Jesus with deeper intimacy.” Blessings, Lisa

Well, thanks, lady. We now understand everything. Well, almost everything. The one thing about this we're not quite clear about is why there hasn't been a new Coffee Talk entry since April. Hmmmm. Well, we can only hope she'll explain it to us in her next entry. And, hopefully, it, too, will be in quotes so we know it's supposed to be read out loud to our infants, nosy neighbors and senile mother-in-laws.


Oh, in equally disturbing news, it's our birthday tomorrow. So, you know, pray for us and our soon-to-be-discovered health problems, too.